Sprinkler Sales

Green Lawncare installs quality Hunter® brand irrigation equipment. With a full line of products for both commercial and residential properties, we can design a system that will meet your needs—guaranteed. Click below for more detailed information on a few of the products we offer:

 Pro-Spray® Sprinkler
Heavy-duty body & cap construction
Multi-thread buttress design withstands the harshest environments
Pressure-activated, multifunction, no flow-by wiper seal
Easy to remove and clean; treated with UV inhibitors to ensure long life
Compatible with all female threaded nozzles
Accepts adjustable, fixed and specialty nozzles from Hunter and all major brands
Optional factory-installed drain check valve for up to 7 feet elevation change
Eliminates landscape damage from flooding and erosion
Ratcheting riser for quick arc alignment
Make adjustments while sprinkler is operating
Heavy-duty spring
For positive retraction under any conditions
Innovative pull ring flush plug design
Allows limited flow permitting controlled directional flushing
½" Standard side inlet on 6" and 12" models
Installation convenience for deep-seated bodies

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